Monday, April 12, 2010

Life in fast lane

My life is in fast lane..

Racing between cities and towns,
to acheive the targets.
Nearest thing to home is my hotel room..
Its been days since i met my dear and near ones.
Im running in this rat race to secure
a better future, forgetting
my best present - my family.
My companions my mobile and computer.
I commuicate only through them
They are my intermediaries to my family.
One day, i got a call, she is sick.
I rushed back to see her.
I was with her couple of days....comforting her.
She is happy to be sick, she said,
as i will be with her, on her side..
My heart felt her pain,
i had only tears as my answer.
I know it is difficult,
but have to start for my race..
to secure the future,
without enjoying the 'present'.

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