Friday, August 12, 2016

In - Dependent Days

The day reminds us we are free from outsiders
The day reminds us we are free thinkers
The day reminds us to hold our head high

But But....
When I look out, Everyone’s head is down
Locked inside their 5 inch screen
Though we are independent
We are In-Dependent of gadgets

We are free to move around the world
But we restrict ourselves to virtual world
Instead of enjoying the freedom of world
We are roaming as zombies looking at our screens

We outsourced our thinking to others
We are happy to Just Like and comment on them
Let’s not restrict our world to a 5 inch screen
And the generations to come chained to their Gadgets

Let us
Wake Up, Look Up, Get Up and Get out

Be really Independent

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Manufacturing of the Religion

Religion - A word which is responsible for the highest number of deaths in this world from crusades to jihads to riots.

Last week or so when i was reading a forum, i came across some one saying, Rajni is God. At that time, a series of thought ran through my mind, regarding how a religion can be manufactured. Apart from Rajni, in india, many tell, "If cricket is religion, then Sachin is God". But even he has not got a religion yet, but Sehwag already got a religion called Sehwagology and his commandments already established and has great many followers.

So if you take history, a religion and god is either manufactured by individuals or their followers. You can see this from the days of Moses to Jesus to Mohammed in western countries and Rishis to Rama to Krishna to Budha in asiatic countries.

When a person does things which are not normally possible by ordinary people and shows exemplary behaviour or greatness, then he becomes God to them. Thats how a civilian like Jesus, Rama and Budha has become god and their way of life or teachings become commandments of the religion.

So now in current days also, many try to become prophets and Gods and develop their own followers. The problem with current "gods and prophets" is that they cannot hide behind the secrecy and miracles because of the availability of videos which neutralizes their words.

So i like to manufacture a God and religion say for example Sehwag aka Sehwagology and Rajni aka Rajnism, so that in future say few 100 years, there will be a big religion in their names.
To do that, we need to

1) Delete their video footages, photos, and other things which talks or shows their weaknesses.
2) Propagate what they did in their field which others couldnt do.
3) Make sure, the book should mention that you become delirious whenever you saw them making impossible things.
4) As it is modern time, write their commandments in modern slangs, dont use the same old junk found in other religious books.
5) Try to get as many strong disciples as possible who will go to any length to enforce the religion.
6) Most important thing, try to open a facebook page and also get a famous blogger like him, who propagate the truth about the god and its religion.  Even if there is a great backlash from the disciples of other wannabe Gods.

If we can do all these things, we can a have popular new religion and a god. Hope no one fights for this religion and kills one another.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Income tax filing - A pleasant experience

The most dreaded act for anyone earning a taxable income is returns filing. The minds in finance ministry has an obligation to give a decent living to hoardes of CA's and tax consultants, so they made the forms in such a way that any normal human being have to go through a Masters course of advanced tax filing to think about reading them. So the most sought after route is, get a tax consultant, give him all the details, pay him the required fee and get the acknowledgement slip.Forget about it, after few months get a cheque from IT department if there is any refund. Start the cycle next year.

I have been doing the same when i was in india till a year ago. But once i tried to online filing, but i nipped it in the bud once i saw the proceedure. Maybe this is due to my laziness or unwillingness to go through the maze.

But i had a very pleasant experience in filing returns here in malaysia.

Once the financial year completed i recieved the returns filing form with basic personal and professional details. The biggest draw back was, it was completely in Malay rather than in english. If you need to fill the form you need the help of some local person.

The biggest revelation for me in malaysia was the way they have their government offices. It is people friendly and not intimidating as back in india. Im not saying everything is hunky dory here, but overall a better experience than in India. Income tax office has several officers to help you out to fill the forms and also place to pay any tax you need to pay.
The other way is onling filing which is one of the easiest way to file returns. In the income tax office they have several PCs which we can use to file the returns. There also they have officers to help you out complete them.
As i was filing for the first time, i showed my id and tax refernce number . They registered and gave me a pin number to login to the system. The site is also available in english which was helpful to file the returns without any help. Everything was given step by step like personal details, income yearned,tax paid, deduction and rebates, final tax calculation. Once you fill them with available details you can send the file with digital signature and take the receipt. Thats it!!! It take no more than 15 minutes for me to finish. No hassles, no tax consulants, no expenses. It was one of the best experience i had so far.

I dont know how the system has changed back in india, but if they want to change, they can take this system as an example to go ahead.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You You You

You are the pleasure
you are the pain.
You are the happiness
you are the sadness.
You are the joy
you are the sorrow.
You are the gain
you are the loss.
You are everywhere
you are nowhere
You are everything
you are nothing.
You you you,
everywhere it is You.
Im trying to find myself,
Where Iam?
I think iam lost in You.

Lost in memory

We may not get what we desire in love
As we differ in langauage,in god
and in times unscientific reasons.
We accept this tamely and suffer silently.
We become just bridesmaid
instead of the bride.
We just replace them with someone else
but still the love lingers on..
Even if we cant become part of their life
we give them memory for life.
Many a love becomes memory
rather than memorable life.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Miserable me or her

Just watching TV in the hotel room, alone...

Here im winding away the time all alone, far away from her..
She is not here to talk, to share the joy or
just be with me by my side.
I felt miserable to be away from her.
But ,
i was with her for months...
Never heard what she wants to say..
never spent time with her...
Always said, im busy, tired or something else..
or, we will talk tomorrow..
But in love, tomorrow never comes...
Its better to say or do what we like then..
rather than wait for another day..
Being with your loved one and feeling
not important in their life...
is more miserable than
being alone in a hotel room..

Life in fast lane

My life is in fast lane..

Racing between cities and towns,
to acheive the targets.
Nearest thing to home is my hotel room..
Its been days since i met my dear and near ones.
Im running in this rat race to secure
a better future, forgetting
my best present - my family.
My companions my mobile and computer.
I commuicate only through them
They are my intermediaries to my family.
One day, i got a call, she is sick.
I rushed back to see her.
I was with her couple of days....comforting her.
She is happy to be sick, she said,
as i will be with her, on her side..
My heart felt her pain,
i had only tears as my answer.
I know it is difficult,
but have to start for my race..
to secure the future,
without enjoying the 'present'.